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Want to learn more about XML and XML Web services? We've put together a set of resources that should help you on your way. In addition to the learning-oriented Web sites below, check out the industry news, specifications, standards and technologies we've assembled.

IBM provides some good resources for XML and XML Web services development on their developerWorks Web site. The articles found at these sites are typically fairly platform-agnostic, which is good news for non-Java developers.

Intel is in the process of ramping up their XML and .NET coverage in their newly-opened developer area. Because Intel has a close relationship with Microsoft, their articles tend to be more oriented to the Microsoft toolsets.

XML.com, run by book publisher O'Reilly, has a number of knowledgeable columnists contributing articles on a regular basis. Additionally, there are a couple of great resources (such as the Annotated XML specification) that are extremely useful when first learning XML or related technologies.

Web Services Architect
Web Services Architect has regular contributors providing articles that discuss the practical and business implications of the XML Web services revolution. It also provides industry news, including product release notifications and alliance announcements.

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