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Blue Oxide personnel author books, columns and articles on a variety of subjects related to XML and XML Web services. Our most recent offerings may be found below.

IBM Column
Reuse It or Lose It: XML Reuse in the Enterprise
This column discusses how XML provides flexibility to reuse your designs from the document level all the way down to the component level. The first installment in a three-part series addressing this important topic.
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XML Design Handbook
This book offers "best practice" advice to developers when they approach key XML design elements, such as schema design, parsing strategies, and presentation strategies. It is geared primarily toward the beginning-to-intermediate XML developer or architect who is looking for guidance on the best ways to effectively use XML.
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New Product Releases
XML Collaborator 3.0 is Now Available
August 17, 2006

Blue Oxide is pleased to announce that XML Collaborator 3.0 is now available! This version of our groundbreaking XML collaboration software adds many new features, including the ability to collaborate on web service flow designs and better tracking of ripple effects from changes to individual XML components. Check back to the above link soon for more information!

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